Our Cause

With your help, we can drive change for the better.

What We Do

Fed With FaithWe address homelessness from different flanks. First we advocate and educate for the proper treatment and support for the indigent and homeless community

We speak with law enforcement, churches, businesses and individuals in our community about the issues surrounding poverty and homelessness.

We have our name out among the homeless population and try to meet certain needs they may have because they are living without shelter or safety. We share resources for food clothing and supplies. We also share information about other organizations that they may find support through.

Usually you will find us in downtown Louisville serving food and passing out supplies to well over a hundred homeless from our community each week.


The Issues

According to the Coalition for the Homeless more than 550, 18 – 24 year olds stayed in Louisville shelters this year. These are the ones that actually stayed in a shelter. This doesn’t take into account the ones couch surfing or staying outdoors.

National Center for Family Homelessness reports the following:

1.6 million American children, or one in 45 children, are homeless in a year.

This equates to more than 30,000 children each week, and more than 4,400 each day.

Children experiencing homelessness suffer from hunger, poor physical and emotional health, and missed educational opportunities. A majority of these children have limited educational proficiency in math and reading. Not surprisingly, the risks for child homelessness—such as extreme poverty and worst case housing needs—have worsened with the economic recession, even though the total housing capacity for families increased by more than 15,000 units in the past four years

So the problem is what? Homelessness? Hmmm if it was that simple we would give everyone a place to live and call it a day. But it’s more than that. We have foster children aging out of services and ending up on the streets. Most without an education, job, social skills, or living skills necessary to live even if they find a place to call home.

We are hoping to have a transitional house safe place for these children in Louisville, KY in 2015. This is where we can mentor these kids and give them the support necessary to become achieving young adults in our society. We also plan meet the homeless where they are with mobile units with addiction services, health services, mental health and internet access.